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Despite the swimming, women also want to show their beautiful side, which sounds great, so how to swim with a wig?

Many women will ask, can I wear 360 Lace Frontal Wig swimming?

If you really want to make sure you won't make a mistake, then I suggest you don't take 360 lace wig to swim, it may not be your best choice, because in swimming in the pool, the water will wet your hairline. And, the adhesive is easily detached under the action of water, thereby left a personal embarrassment.

Before entering the swimming pool, your wig is stable is very important. However, the 13x4 Lace Front Wig will not be a good choice, compared with the front of the lace, the lace closed wigs use fewer adhesives, suitable for Use in the swimming pool.

Headband Wigs have a series of accessories, wig combings or clips, and tension bands are mild choices, allowing your wig safe.

How to Prepare for Swimming with WIG
Before swimming, you need to prepare a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair, make sure your hair will not be entangled, no entangled hair can keep you in a good condition in the swimming pool.
But if you often swim, the chlorinated pool water will damage the hair angle layer, result in bifurcation and break. So try not to always wear the same wig to swim.

What do you need to do after swimming?

After swimming, you can clean your hair first, then blow dry hair, you have to completely dry wigs, because if you don't completely dry it, it is easier to produce mold and bacteria on your hair.

It is well known that the swimming pool will contain disinfectant chloroquoned water, and this chemical will cause damage to the hair. It is important to make moisturizing hair, using professional moisturizing agents, and view the ingredients of moisturizing products to avoid any product of the product to react with chlorine. Nice choices are made of brewing fruit oil and olive oil.

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