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Middle Part Lace Wig is welcomed by many of the wig wearer because of its natural and light weight. Since T lace wig is made by manual, it is made of hair on the lace, so it will exist black knots, and the knots and actual scalp are present more A big difference, a more natural way to treat knot is called bleaching knots, this article will explain how to bleach Lace Front Middle Part Wig.

Why do you want to bleach wig?
After proper bleaching, your hair will look more fresh and natural. After you are bleaching, the color of the node will warm, which will make your hair more complex, and the bleaching wig can show the scalp. The best results of hair.

Then step by step.
1. Preparing a Middle Part Wig to fix the wig on a wig model
First prepare your wig, start working on the wig.
Fixed a wig with T-type pin, if your T lace has baby hair, make sure it is fixed with a clip.

2. Make a bleach product
1 to 2 tablespoons of bleach powder and a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide were added to the stirred bowl. Then stir until the consistency is appropriate.

3. Application bleach
Spread the mixture on the lace with a stained brush. Make sure to apply even the lace, cover the area with aluminum foil, wait 20 minutes after staining. Constantly checking during the period until the color turns correct.

4. Cleaning wig
Finally, use cold water and purple shampoo to remove brass, fully cleaning the shampoo, then use conditioner to make moisturizing care.

5. Blow dry hair
The wig will be naturally ventilated, and any heat will affect the effect of bleaching because we have just been chemically treated for wigs.
Note: This method is only used with bleaching people, and the synthetic fiber is not bleached. Bleaching is considered a professional work. If you are not sure you can work well, you need to go to a professional salon from starting from the beginning.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting

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