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13x4 Lace Wig plays a leading role in women's fashion style. The choice of texture of lace front wig depends on the wearer's style and philosophy. To maintain the quality and appearance of the wig, first of all, we must start with the correct combing of the wig.

When you are going to a banquet or going out in the morning, the first thing you do is to comb your 13x4 Lace Frontal with a comb to reduce the time spent on preparations, but you need to pay attention! Too much force will tear the strands or laces, however, every rough combing will cause hair breakage, split ends and fraying.

How to use the right tools to comb your 13x4 Lace Front Wig
The correct combing tool is a wig comb customized for wigs. Wig combs play an important role in styling. At the same time, wig combs are very useful for your wigs, combing hair, and will not pull your hair. Finally, the comb is light in weight and small in size, so it can be carried with you.

What are the benefits of wig combs

1) It can untie your hair
Get a wide tooth comb that you can use on your hair in the shower. This will have a huge impact on combing your hair, especially if you have conditioner on your hair.
With a gentle comb, you can see the knots separate instead of pulling the hair off the head.

2) It can prevent frizz and promote wig shine
Frizz is usually caused by the lack of some substances. Lack of oil or moisture can cause this condition. Wig combs are specially designed for combing wigs. Therefore, using it will not take away the moisture in the hair. Wig brushes or combs can usually distribute all the oil evenly on the hair, making the wig look moist and shiny. Therefore, the use of a wig comb can promote the gloss of the wig.

3) It will not break your hair
When the hair is wet, if you brush it, it will easily cause breakage, but if you are gentle with the brushing process, it will not break your hair.

When and how do you use it?
Comb the wig before washing. Use the wig comb to gently comb it upwards gradually. This is a gradual process that requires your patience.
Do not comb your hair while washing your wig. This is not conducive to untie the knots. On the contrary, the hair may break during your combing process, which will make your hair worse. Therefore, before you enter the shower, use your comb to make sure your hair does not get tangled.

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