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Lace Front Middle Part Wig has a simple and cute appearance, and the simple and fast installation method is Take a wig recently. Wearing a T lace wig you need to follow several strategies to make it more natural.

What is T Part Frontal Wig

Middle Part Wig has a very special structure , it is not a closure or frontal, its structure is like a closure, but it has a lace front wig’ look. It can be used in an intermediate portion that cannot be used in any other way to separate it anywhere.

How to SLAY your wig

It is best to wear a wig cap
If you don't have a wig cap, you can't make sure your hair looks very good, because natural hair and wigs are easy to generate friction, if you don't do it, your hair will have many flyers, which will let People feel embarrassed. There is nothing more messy than the wig, tangled hair is worse. Therefore, first make sure you put on a wig hat, and playing the effect of protecting natural hair.

Clean your hair
Let your wig look fresh, it is to clean your hair, don't use the same shampoo with your natural hair, otherwise which will cause the wig not to work properly, and it is likely to shorten the life of the wig, if your hair It is true to send, please use the true human hair to send a dedicated shampoo and conditioner to adjust your hair. I still remember the weekly deep care for your true hairs per month to maintain its health.

Use hot comb, you need to be careful, make sure that the temperature of the hot comb is not too high, because it is not only easy to damage your hair, but it will be burn your skin, so make sure your hot comb will not become too hot.

Don’t :
Although wearing a wig is very beautiful, you can't wear a wig all the time, because the scalp and wigs need to breathe, and the clips and comb in the hoods and the comb can move in natural hair, It may cause natural delivery or scalp nervous, so the wig cap is conducive to your scalp and natural health, and then dry the wig issues will be made on the wig holder, which is conducive to keep the hair shape.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting

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