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Some different types of lace wigs include 360 Lace Frontal Wig, lace front wigs and full lace wigs. There are also some types of lace wigs attached to the virginity, which is ideal for people who want to completely natural, healthy, unopened hair.

What is lace wig
Lace wigs usually made from true hair or artificial hair, and prices will vary depending on the place of purchase of wigs and hair.
The wigs of lace are like hair extensions, but they are often used for those who are thin. A person can also have a custom 13x4 Lace Front Wig, design and her natural hair.

The type of lace wig will also affect the price. The wig is particularly beneficial to the experience of individuals. Most lace wigs are made of real hair or artificial hair, these wigs are complicated on the lace base. The background of the lace wig is usually dyed. In this way, at first glance, it is usually not obvious that the hair is not the natural hair of the wearer. These wigs are usually welcomed by those who have a large-scale hair loss due to certain diseases. They tend to cover large area areas of the scalp instead of an extension, which usually helps to enhance the appearance of existing hair. Of course, some people like to wear Non lace wigs, such as Headband Wigs, which increases volume effect for women's hair.

How to buy a suitable lace wig size

Many people must measure their heads in order to determine the right size of the lace wig, but most types of wigs have an elastic lace, which can have a little error in the measurement. The full lace wig is generally used to cover the entire head. Like other types of lace wigs, they are all used in the lace with real hair or fake seams, and there is a visible part at the top. These wigs can make the hair more plump, create a more style of appearance, may not be suitable for people who are wearing our hair.

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