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No matter line generation work is processing at close or long distance, it might be far enough than formal hand reaching, however it still makes a good job to have a try of a 532nm green line laser module. It projects the most visible and the brightest green laser beam from a middle wavelength of 532nm green DPSS laser system. On condition that it gets constant power source supply and easy installation onto any other industrial machine or device, this industrial alignment laser just assures the best quality green laser light emission and the brightest green reference line indication onto multiple working surfaces effectively.
The usual use of a 532nm green line laser module is should be working for a quite long time. Thus it is a key issue to assure its stable and reliable line generation in continuous use. The basic adoption of a metal heat sink cooling system just gets even better thermal emitting than formal air or water cooling. When it is configured with durable aluminum alloy housing tube, what type of industry or high Tech precise line positioning work fields it pointing, it just gets good thermal emitting and excellent laser light cycling use. It is able to work within wide range operating temperature and any other harsh working occasions of mechanical moving are shocking as well. This ultra compact sized tube made laser line generator should only be mounting correctly onto any other machine or device and achieves highly reliable and clear line indication onto desired working surfaces.
According to the use of a qualified glass coated lens, available with wide range fine angles of 10 to 110 degrees, the 532nm green line laser module is achieving various line lengths of 0.5 to 6 meters in use. It enables easy, free and fine line indication onto a lot of working surfaces. As a result, in various industrial and high Tech precise line positioning work fields, under operation of basic measurement and experiment of required line length, life fineness and work distance, this laser line generator has just assured correct selection of both output power and optic lens fan angle. It fulfills high accuracy line measurement for special work fields such as laser cutting, sawmill, lumber machine, laser car wheel alignment, laser medical therapy and high Tech work etc.
Under operation with electric wires extension for both of 532nm 532nm green line laser module and DC power supply, within freely installed distance of three meters, it enables the most convenient installation and the easiest reaching of green lighters onto any vertical or horizontal work. It allows freely adjusted alignment laser line fineness and line indicating direction. Under conditions that it is mounting on any other machine or device, only if it gets proper adjustment of both laser line fineness and line indicating direction, this alignment laser gets increasing accuracy and brightness line projection at a great distance. Only if users are paying high attention to laser safety issues and wearing correct laser safety glasses, not relying on any manual labor force input, it just brings users easy, free and secured line indication in the lasting use effectively.


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