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Headband Wig is not strange for customers who always wear wigs. Headband wigs, just as its name implies, they are wigs with headband attached, and the hair is sewn on a soft wig cap. Human hair is a leading and popular product that is welcomed by customers. Best Headband Wigs are great hairstyles for beginners, They are very convenient and fashionable in recent years. We can see many female stars also use this headband wig on TV, which fully shows that it has enough advantages.

Human Hair Headband Wigs are very light, they are not as heavy as other wigs, but they can also cover the entire scalp. The wigs headband is also breathable and suitable for summer and winter. Wearing a headband fall wig will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is very suitable for hot weather.

You do not need much time on wearing the human hair headband wig. You can put it on your head directly, use any headband to fix your hair, and just adjust it. Compared to wearing a lace frontal wig, you only need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig, while wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. So, wig with headband attached is a kind of great hairstyles for beginners.

Here, please check the guide of installing headband wigs:
Use a comb to brush out any knots or tangles. For curly headband wigs, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through and freshen the wig. If the wig is thinner, try using a smaller comb instead. Use smooth, gentle strokes when combing through the wig to avoid damaging it.

Tie your hair into a ponytail before putting on the headband half wig. Use both hands to take the back sections of your hair and secure them into a high ponytail. Keep in mind that the half wig will still be featuring your natural hair along the front of your head, so the ponytail will be covered on the back.

Almost all the half wigs come with clips that can fit and secure the wig into place. Fasten the wig clips along the edge of your wig cap. Take the wig and place it over the back of your head. If your wig has an especially large clip, use this to initially attach the wig to the edge of your cap. Make sure that the half wig is secured all around the cap, including the sides and bottom.

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