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If you are very picky about the appearance of a wig, you can achieve your wishes through custom and style wig. This article describes how to design and customize your wig.

What is a custom wig?
Customized wigs can be made into a variety of hair lengths to get layered and more plump appearance. This will also produce more natural appearance, because the hair around most people has no standard length.
French lace is mainly used for 360 lace wig units, but it also applies to custom wigs. 360 Lace Frontal Wig like full lace wigs, on the one hand, lace only covers the surroundings, but around the surroundings, it can be used for high horses.
You can get a personalized look on the 13x4 Lace Front Wig. For too thick or too thin hair wigs, customize your wig is a good idea.

Headband wig usually does not completely cover the entire head. The real person's hair is a wig to provide you with the advantage of enjoying more hairstyle. For example, a curly Headband Wigs style or low ponytail weave, to ensure that the hair is securely fixed at the head, it is necessary to use a clip and shoulder strap to stabilize the hat.

How to customize wigs

Make hairstyle
Custom wigs need to use some products. For curl or wavy styles, just mousse, rub it with your hand, then pick the style into a curly hair. On the straight hair, gently apply mousse and brush.

Style Wig
You can trim, dye and cut wigs at any time, let it look more real. You can use a low-temperature curl, a hairdryer or curler to re-fix the wig. You can also pull your wig with a hair straightener.

part your hair wig
You can also divide the hair into several different hair portions according to different hair types, such as T lace wigs can only be divided, and the lace can be biased, and the full lace wig can be tail.

Trim wig
If you are dissatisfied with the current hairstyle, you can cut off your hair according to your own preference, by watching a professional video, you can cut off excess lace or serrated edges with a razor, or you can trim the bangs.

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