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Today, although wigs can add beauty to women's appearance, not every wigs can be suitable for you, you need to choose from many types of wigs, if you want to find a truly fond, you need to analyze, In this blog, we first come to understand the wigs in front of the headband and the lace frontal. Which one is better?

360 Lace Frontal Wig allows you to deep part, hairstyles are almost unlimited, and through it you can make hair into a variety of hairstyles, this is a good choice for women who like to change their appearance.

13x4 Lace Front Wig: What is a lace frontal? Lace front wig is often called a stylish style, and it protects our natural hair very good, lace directly using lace to integrate your natural skin and hairline. It usually extends 13 inches and extends from about 4 inches backwards.

Headband Wigs:
Headband wig is your part of your natural hair exposes, so in order to ensure the wig and natural hair match, you need to pay attention to hair textures and colors when picking your hair.

Want to curl appearance? Curly headband wig looks more real in African American women's heads, and it can add hair volume for you.

The reason why the headband wig is not because it has a lower hair quality because non-lace wigs are lower than the lace wigs, so the price is lower.

I will introduce the characteristics of headband wigs and lace front wigs so that you choose one of them to meet your needs.

Lace front wig:
Typically, the overall experience of wig wigs before wearing lace is light and comfortable than wearing standard wigs. There is no need to worry about your hair, because the lace front wigs can completely cover and protect your natural hair.

Headband wig:
If you want to try the wigs that are easier to install and maintain, and if you don't want to hurt your scalp or skin, you get a wise decision for choosing it.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting

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