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Headband Wig are often used for appearance modification. Nowadays, the rich volume and excellent length of the designed headband half-wigs are loved by many women. Here are tips about the headband half-wigs.

What is a half wig

The wearer places the wig backwards, revealing his natural hair,The Curly Headband Wig is just like what you want. It appears on a part of your head instead of covering your entire head. It plays the best role for your appearance, whether it is hair length or number of hairs. Unparalleled richness, the half-wig can fully modify your facial contours, and the half-wig looks perfect from the top of the head to the back.

Headband Wig Human Hair or half wigs are made using elastic and delicate cross-section caps. There are two combs sewn on both sides of the wig cap, so it can firmly clamp your natural hair, so that your headband wig will not fall off for a long time.

Why do women prefer to wear semi-wig-style headband wigs
It’s obvious to wear it: many women choose to wear this wig. There are many reasons why any woman loves this half headband wig. It can increase the length of your hair in a few seconds, allowing you to make more diversified and dazzling wigs. Bright and fluffy hairstyle.

Various texture options:
For the various styles of half wigs, it is difficult to choose which one is best for you. You'd better choose different colors, textures and lengths of half wigs in consideration of your skin tone and facial features. The most important thing is , The most important thing to choose a certain type of half-headband wig is according to your own preferences, they are very helpful, breathable, practical and cheap.

Natural appearance
If your hair is curly and your half wig is straight, you can design your wig instead of your own hair. Use a heating tool to curl your wig to create a natural blending style. Wear a half wig, you must You can design your hair into any cute curly hair you think!

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