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4x4 Lace Wig is also called lace wig with closure,Like Lace Front wig, Lace Closure wigs are also very useful in creating beautiful hairstyles , so they are loved by many American black women and fashionistas. Then What is Lace Closure wig and what benefits you can get for wearing a Lace Closure wig? Today Mslynn is going to give you a good explain here.

4x4 lace closure wig
4x4 Closure Wig. A 4x4 means 4 inches across and 4 inches up and down,The first number represents across(left to right) while the second number represents from forehead and back. This allows you to part 4 inches across and 4 inches back and forth.

How Long Does A 4x4 Lace Closure Wig Last?
Can I expect it to stay as long as other hair products?If you want to know the lifespan of your closures, you need to consider these following elements:

Type of lace:The type of lace of quite important when considering a closure’s durability.The lifespan of among lace materials are different .

Hair type:Hair used for closures is essential too. Comb wastes, or non-Remy hair, are also very fragile and prone to damages.

Hairstyles:Body wavy lace closure or blond straight lace closure require chemical and steam-heat treatments. While most manufacturers will try to lessen the side effects of these kinds of processing, they still have permanent adverse effects on the hair quality.

Maintenance:Maintenance is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in determining a product’s durability. How long closures can last is entirely up to the time you spend on caring for them. Neglect and inattention will result in shortening lifespan.

In conclusion, the service time of a human hair lace closure is 6-8 months, but it depends on your caring method. The lace closure sew in with bundles wig is like our own hair, it also needs the careful maintaining to extend their lifespan. So it is very important to consult your hair vendor to properly maintain your best closure wig.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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